Nick & Doug Wilkowski
South Line Fire Co.

Father and son team, Nick and Doug Wilkowski are proud to be Cheektowaga firefighters. The challenge of the job, as well as the camaraderie they enjoy, motivate them to continue volunteering and helping their community.

Jaime Carlucci
Pine Hill Hose Co. #5

Jaime Carlucci loves the feeling of making a difference in her community. She credits the department’s free training with allowing her to succeed as a volunteer firefighter and says the skills she has achieved will help her for the rest of her life.

Brian Gould
Bellevue Volunteer Fire Co.

Brian Gould has volunteered in Cheektowaga for over fifteen years. He says it is a great opportunity for young people to get involved in their community and obtain great skills from fire department leadership that they can apply throughout their life.

Dan Sweeney
Sloan Active Hose Co. #1

For Dan Sweeny, volunteering has fulfilled his desire to serve his neighbors and community. He coordinates his department’s recruitment and retention efforts to keep Sloan properly staffed to best serve the Town of Cheektowaga.

Darren Prusiecki
U-Crest Fire Co. #4

Darren Prusiecki encourages everyone to join the volunteer fire service, they’ll work with you to overcome your fears and concerns. U-Crest offers flexible opportunities to get involved on and behind the scenes.

Bob Barczak
Doyle Hose Co. #2

Bob Barczak says joining the volunteer fire department is a rewarding life experience second to none. He wouldn’t trade the knowledge and family he’s acquired from his experience with Doyle for anything.

James Wilson
Rescue Hose Co. #1

James Wilson has gained a close-knit family through volunteering in the Town of Cheektowaga. He relates how the leadership skills he’s learned rising up through the ranks at Rescue Hose Co. #1 translate directly to his career outside the department.

Michael Hockwater
Forks Fire Co. #2

Michael Hockwater enjoys volunteering with Forks Fire Co. #2 and proudly shares how his department has created new community initiatives that serve as a model for other departments in the area. He says that Forks is a great place to volunteer because their department is very tuned in to their community, allowing them to respond effectively to the needs of their neighbors.

Dan Hatfield
Hy-View Fire Co.

Dan Hatfield began his journey in Cheektowaga as an Explorer Firefighter. He said this experience taught him the skills necessary to become a full fireman, and prepared him to be a hero. Dan even received a scholarship from their recruitment program to attend college.

Ben Zaccagnino
Doyle Hose Co. No. 1

Ben Zaccagnino’s favorite part about his time in the fire service is the people he has met and the relationships he has made. He enjoys learning more about the history of the department from older members, and loves the family atmosphere in his department.